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Even the smallest of changes can have big impacts, especially to the people closest to us. Whether that’s your family, your friends or your colleagues, the bravery it takes to make a change often inspires others to make small changes as well.

Think about it: that friend that experiments with giving up red meat for a month. Or the nurse that spends a day in a wheel chair to better understand her patients’ challenges. Maybe it’s your son who shuts off the screens an hour before bed to see if it really does help him have a better sleep.

Don’t you feel compelled to try a change experiment of your own?

It Begins with You.

It’s simple! Think of a change you could make and commit to doing it by registering your pledge here. If you want to start with something small, that’s great. If you want to go big right off the bat — do it!

You can pledge as many times as you like, as long as you have the energy, time or whatever you need to get them all done.

You also have the option to register a team. The teams with the highest amount of pledges by Nov 17 will be recognized, celebrated and rewarded as the Change Gurus they’ve become!

Remember — One thing. Anything. It begins with you!

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