Days Left

It’s always good to hear about Change Day AB pledges that have been completed, especially when they have the potential to positively impact many people. A great example is Kait Cooper’s pledge, from last year’s campaign, to ‘Bring digital & video storytelling workshops to patient and family advisors’. Kait, who is a consultant with the AHS Engagement & Patient Experience team, set herself a goal of 36 advisors attending a workshop within a year. 

During the workshops, each advisor creates a digital story highlighting some aspect of their, or a loved ones, healthcare journey. The stories are then posted on YouTube and used in meetings, presentations and projects to ignite change, inspire action and encourage problem solving. 

Kait said that the aim of her pledge was to “empower the advisors’ voices in healthcare and further the practice of storytelling in AHS”. To date 24 stories have been uploaded to the AHS YouTube channel with 10 more slated for Nov 15th. All of the films are less than 4 minutes long and pack a strong message about how we can foster a culture of Person Centred Care. You can find them all here.