Days Left

Adrienne Richard, an Education Coordinator with the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, Edmonton pledged to:

Ask myself, "how does this work bring value to our patients and families?" as often as possible. If the answer is hard to find, recentre the work. 

She told us why what Change Day means to her and why centering her work on patients and families is so important:

"Making a change requires a clear sense of what motivates you, and Change Day gives us a chance to really consider what moves us to make improvements to our work and our lives.

I’m strongly motivated by the incredible work our care teams do with the patients and families who come to the Glenrose. The level of commitment and passion demonstrated by our physicians and staff, and the courage and strength of our patients and families is what makes coming to work every day a privilege.

While my role is not on the front lines of care, I strive to centre my work on what will ultimately bring value to our patients and families, and to the remarkable people who support them".