Days Left

Changelings, the Change Day AB team from Medicine Hat that finished as #3 on the leader board for most pledges, is made up of two programs that are both committed to improving health for individuals and the community as a whole. 

The Alberta Healthy Living program through its face-to-face and online Better Choices, Better Health® workshops supports participants to put knowledge into action to better manage their health. Environmental Public Health helps to provide, protect and promote a healthy environment. 

We asked the Changelings to sum up what Change Day AB meant to them: 

“Everyone has ideas and plans for changing aspects of their lives. Change day is an opportunity to put those thoughts into writing and change them into goals that you can see. Inspiration comes from our daily lives, friends and family; and can help inspire others to think about new and different goals they’d like to achieve – be it learning a new language or skill, furthering a current goal or changing a habit. Even the smallest change can lead to realizing bigger achievements”. 

Use these links to find out more about the programs: 

Alberta Healthy Living

Better Choices Better Health ® Video

Environmental Public Health