Days Left

We’re almost certain that there’s nothing in Tana Yoon’s job description about helping patients and families navigate their way around Foothills Medical Centre (FMC). In fact Tana doesn’t often get to connect directly with patients and families in her role as a Technical Practice Leader in Pharmacy services at the site.

That didn’t stop her though from pledging to ‘walk out to the parkade during every shift to offer direction to a lost patient/family member’. Tana said that improved signage at FMC has greatly helped but she still notices some people looking bewildered as they try and find their way around.

While Tana just wanted to go the extra mile to be helpful, she has gained a lot more than expected from her simple pledge; “you know the patients and family members that I help to navigate through from the parkade are SO grateful and appreciative it is actually very rewarding.  Some share their stories and they have no idea how impactful that is for me as a health care provider. Plus the extra walking each shift has added steps on my Fitbit!”