Days Left

Want to know how to get your Change Day AB team to the top of the leader-board? We asked a team, that has been in the top 3 since the campaign started, to share some tips.

The 450 members of the AHS Clinical Workforce Optimization (CWO) team are spread across the province and, for them, Change Day was a chance to work together for a good cause. As one of the team, Roberta Wheeler, says “what could be more important than changing the world one pledge at a time!”

Team building and staff engagement are always challenging when you mainly connect virtually and CWO is using Change Day as an opportunity to unite for a common goal (beating all of the other teams!) while having fun and improving their own and other’s health.

Roberta said CWO kicked things off with few dedicated on-line meetings to let the team know about the campaign, followed up with weekly emails and spots in their regular meetings to maintain the momentum and enthusiasm.

CWO is also holding weekly draws with prizes of Change Day swag and other goodies for the winners. Everyone on the team who has made a pledge is entered in the draw and it has definitely been an incentive to keep that pledge count growing.

While CWO are keen to hold on to their top three spot, they also value the underlying spirit and aims of Change Day so are happy for other teams to borrow their ideas and give them a little competition!


   Roberta prepares prizes for the next CWO team Change Day draw