Days Left

Competing against over 200 Change Day AB teams from all across the province didn’t daunt the students and staff at Bishop Kidd Junior High School in Calgary.  One of the teachers, Aisha Faraj, used the Change Day AB lesson plan to show students how small changes can have a big impact and challenged them to make and get as many pledges as possible. At the end of the campaign they were team number two on the leader board. They were awarded with a framed certificate along with cakes to celebrate being such fantastic Change Day champions. 

Here are quotes from some of the students about what the campaign meant to them (and if you don’t feel a little better about life after reading them, you should probably check your pulse!) 

“It allowed me to try something new” Alleth 9A 

“It helped us make a little change in the world” Nicholas 9A 

“I have continued pursuing my goal which has helped my well-being” Janelle 9A 

“After looking at my progress report last week, I noticed that I can continue to attain my goal of getting good grades” Kisanet 9A 

“My goal was to achieve higher grades before high school. I think Change Day was important because it let me think about my future” Niel 9A 

“My change day pledge was to keep my room organized. It was helpful to make this pledge so that I don’t have to spend so much time looking for my things! I am still working on this goal” Emor 9A 

“I liked change day because it motivated us to change and make ourselves better” Allan 7C 

“Now we know how and what we can change to make the world a better place. It helps us let people know that we want to help and show others than we care” Nyagoa 7C