Days Left

A self-confessed big fan of the Change Day campaign, Angela Wells says it resonates with her because “it helps people realize, they can make a small change and improve something for themselves or others.” 

Angela, a member of the Alberta’s Tomorrow Project team, has learnt through personal experience to embrace and accept change “because it’s the only constant in life”. She also tries to make positive changes that she can control. 

With advice and support from a health clinic, Angela has managed to lose over 44 lbs. to date with more to come. Her pledge to try Zumba is part of the healthy lifestyle choices she is making and Angela says that “though it’s scary, I’m going to do it”. 

If she wasn’t already being active enough, Angela is a Change Day AB Champion enthusiastically encouraging others to pledge and get involved. As well as making a Change Day display in her area, she’s been spreading the word through social media and helping other teams navigate the website and order swag. 

If you work in the same building as Angela, you can’t miss her. She’s the one wearing a Change Day AB lanyard decorated with Change Day AB buttons and miniature pledge cards. Make sure to stop her, get one of those cards and make a pledge because, as she says, “little things mean a lot!”