Days Left

One of the teams that has been consistently in the top three on the Change Day AB leaderboard is the Changelings, a joint effort by the Alberta Healthy Living Program and Environmental Public Heath who are both located in the River Heights professional building in Medicine Hat.

Belinda Hurlbert, the Coordinator for Better Choices, Better Health (Chronic Disease Self-Management Program), is the driving force behind the team and says their success is partly due to a competitive spirit. Not only do they want to see Alberta get more pledges than BC and Ontario, they are also in a friendly competition with a rival Alberta team, the Change-inators. It just so happens that the leader of the Change-inators was the person who organized River Heights’ involvement with last year’s Change Day campaign and has since moved to a new position.

To keep the pledges rolling in, the Changelings have hosted Change Day tables at staff fairs as well as at community resources fairs. The Healthy Living program runs a number of classes for its clients and participants were encouraged to pledge as well.

To maintain motivation and engagement, a room divider in the building has been turned into a pledge wall and pledge cards are decorating the edges of several desks.  There’s also been a push for team members to take pledge cards home and get their families to participate.

For Belinda though Change Day is not just about competing. A major part of her role is teaching people how to set goals and highlighting how small changes can have major impacts on improving their health. So Change Day is the perfect platform to support her work while having some fun at the same time.