Days Left

Some people give up smoking, fast food, coffee or alcohol for their Change Day pledges. Christine Taam and her daughter, Mikaila, decided to give up their hair.

Christine, a Project Director with AHS in Edmonton Zone, said it all started just after Mikaila’s school had finished their yearly Terry Fox Run.  Christine and Mikaila, who’s in grade 3, had a discussion about what it means to have cancer now with the new and improved treatments and the kind of supports people need to help them cope with side effects. They then watched a video about a young girl who donated her hair to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths campaign to make wigs for cancer patients who’d lost their hair as a result of treatments.

Christine said that “we both thought the girl was very brave and that we too should donate our hair to support the cause. We both love having long hair and usually only cut half an inch off once or twice a year, so to keep ourselves to the promise, we made a Change Day pledge to commit to do this one thing and hope it will put a smile on someone’s face”. 


                      Christine & Mikaila Taam