Days Left



This is a campaign of action.

One day, a group of passionate patients and healthcare heroes got together. They decided: what better way to spark awesome ideas from the everyday hero than to ask for them. Leading up to and on April 4, 2016, Change Day AB asked Albertans to make a pledge and to act on their ideas for change. 

Finding your super power.

So many of us have ideas, so many of us want change, but something holds us back.

Fear. Permission. Failure – Whatever it may be, we are asking you to take a chance, show us what you got, and change your world.

Change Day is centered around the idea that one act can lead to improvement in care for patients, clients, residents, families, and the system. Anyone is invited to make a pledge.

Change around the world.

Change Day is not just happening in Alberta. It is a global movement that’s been taken up around the world. Check out some other places involved:

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